I dare to be creative

in ways uniquely me.

What is born into the world

is, then, what's meant to be.

It is a peek into the head,

the heart and fire of me...

And if you like that which you see

then joy is shared by we!

And if you don't, I say "Alas",

it was not meant to be...

for all the world cannot embrace

my brand of creativity!

"Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved."

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bbnix profile image

bbnix 5 years ago from Southern California

I so love this choice of a poem No_, and as usual, you excel at its composition and sheer beauty.

Personally, I have my entire 35 year working career and 28 year part-time college career invested in creativity, specifically in its pragmatic applied engineering form and in its artistic expressive mode.

I am absolutely convinced they are two sides of the same coin, and ultimately, and inescapably, the answer to all the world's problems...

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

bbnix, I find that philosophy thrilling and intriguing...thank you!

Sky321 profile image

Sky321 5 years ago from Canada

Cool! I like the pictures too.

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

Love the photography. You are a force to be reckoned with my friend. I am still in the nursery school compared to you, Wayne and Bill.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Sky, thank you kindly!

thebluestar, thank you, but I don't are way beyond nursery school, my friend! You just don't know it! ~ Hugs ~

justom profile image

justom 5 years ago from 41042

Joy is shared by we and me. I happen to love your creativity! Peace!! Tom

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Someone told me, justom, that "pain shared is cut in half, joy shared is doubled..." we hit the big one! Thanks! ~ Peace ~

justom profile image

justom 5 years ago from 41042

Someone is very smart :-P I agree!

tumblintumblweed profile image

tumblintumblweed 5 years ago

Awesome,No_Clue...I would like to think that joy is shared by we!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Most definitely, ms. ttw...attys! lol!

erthfrend profile image

erthfrend 5 years ago from Florida

I loved this poem and I love creativity and so much admire those who do so well with this gift!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

erthfrend, thank you, and so do I! And I get really excited to come face to face with talent...on any level...thanks for you read and "creative" response!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

.....and that's what you've got plenty of ....... creativity - which is the first obvious clue to your poetic prowess .......

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

awwww, epi...thank takes one to know one, for durned sure! Hugs, My Silver-Penned Hero!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

How well skillfully expressed, the flow of the words just mesmerized me, it's a true beauty!

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