My Valentine By Dawn Gagnon

My Valentine

You are the light of my existence,
bringing me happiness in every instance. . . .
I smile when I think of you,
a contented heart never blue. . . .
You are cool breezes and early morning sun,
giving me peace in my heart when the day is done. . . .
I can't tell you how much I love you,
to do so would let my vulnerability show through. . . .
In time I will say it without a thought,
because of the security your love has brought. . . .
Please stay with me forever, and give me the time,
to express my love, precious Valentine. . . .
No one can ever love you more,
my sweetest lover I adore. . . .
Let my kisses tell you all I feel,
let all my hugs to you reveal . . .
the love I have for all time . . .
for you, my beloved . . .
my Valentine.

Dawn Gagnon

Copyright ©2009  Dawn Gagnon


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