My Beautiful Fantasy....

Read this and feel yourself in the dream world of you and your special someone. Energize the romance hidden inside you and fall in love again........... Invigorate the feelings just by reading this.

Well, this is just a fantasy, a day dream, which I imagined for a funny reason mentioned at the bottom.... I completed that imagination and wrote it here embellishing with words.... Although no vulgar words have been used, then also I suggest that don’t read if you are under 18....... Haha....and Do Comment your views about this....

Hmmmmm Imagine!!!

A Red room with dim lights, red bed sheets and Mild music... Fragrance of your skin was spreading all around the room...Your untied hairs were falling down like a cascade…My eyes were amazed at this sight....... I did not know what I would do or what what was I thinking,

Your eyes were still on my eyes but no one was getting the courage to initiate. Finally I slipped my hands towards your hand…. You half heartedly resisted, but with no purpose. I slowly pulled you towards myself... Now this time you did not resist... Eyes were still on d eyes... But my hand slightly encircled your waist and pulled you, making you and me very close... I was even able to feel your breath... You closed your eyes and I too was not able to resist myself to kiss your lips.

It was not just a kiss... It was so passionate... Expressing all my love for you...You also started flowing with the flow, forgetting yourself... who you are...! Or who I am...! You were even not able to remember your past or your future... It was just the present in front of you, which was more satisfying and soothing than anything else...

My hands were tightly holding you against me... making our kiss more passionate...I was bounded now... I too forgot everything... Everything about this blurry world.

My hands touched you more passionately as if I was feeling the beauty, which I was only able to see till now...Caressing you, Kissing u... You held me very tightly as if you do not want to let me go away from you…An uncontrollable force was pulling us towards the bed, and we didn’t even know when we reached the bed.

The soft bed of silk was touching you but it was not more satisfying then my kiss. I slowly slipped my lips from your lips towards your neck...And slightly my hands start removing the chains bounding us, it was your beautiful dress, which was there just to enhance your curvaceous looks. Soon the angelic beauty was in front of my eyes... Your eyes were on my eyes as if telling me silently that you're all mine...

My lips were kissing all your skin, as if I was admiring everything which you were hiding till now...Your eyes seemed intoxicated now as if a layer of pleasure was overcoming your hesitation...I was totally lost, blindly under the influence of love...Your eyes were looking at me with some unknown feelings; you even didn’t know that it existed inside your heart...

A sensation forced you to pull me even closer and you broke the final fetter by removing the bounding cover of my body...Now you and I were the closest ever...Feeling each and every nerve of each other... My heart and your heart were beating together as if making music with each other...

The closeness of body increased to such an extent that the sharing of soul was bound to happen... Breaking all the laws and rules of patience and shyness we tried to unite and become just one... No alcohol or drug could be more intoxicating than that feeling, as if these feelings were telling slowly to us that this is your life, "Live it".

Now the ultimate aim of love was about to get fulfilled... It was the senses who were the laborers and love was the administrator looking them continuously and smiling...

After traveling around the body my eyes came back to touch your eye sight...Your eyes were saying some unspoken words but mine were saying very clearly to your heart, about its feelings that I never thought I’ll come so closer to you. I just knew one phase of love, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you for the first time and may be these moments are signifying the remaining phase.

The time was passing at its normal pace but it seemed as if it was passing very fast and we didn’t want to let it go...Soon the ecstasy mounted to its zenith... and you held me so tightly as if experiencing the supremacy of love over life... It was more perceptible by our breath today…as it was going deep into the soul and was coming out to the world again, traveling a long journey. There were no thoughts in our mind for some moments as if we have lost our consciousness in love... After some time there came a moment giving a feeling as if we have acquired the peak of love...

Next moment I was lying sated and quenched like a drunken person, one who just drank the most intoxicating wine of the earth, as if the world is mine because you were with me. It was your caressing hands that were soothing me and were satisfying me the most. Your eyes were calmly closed...and you were feeling as if you are born again in this world,,,,, as if you have forgotten all the troubles of the past and the worries of the future. You were pleased to be mine and I was pleased to be yours….as if blessed by the Creator to become ONE…..

Wowww...... A beautiful imagination...isn’t it???? Actually one of my long distance friend (girl) used to tease me telling that I'm like a kid... So I told this imaginary fantasy about her through text msgs.... I was not able to even complete, it was just half and she stopped me and said..."Hehe okok U r not a kid, and much more matured than I thought"......and the first question that she asked me was "Tell me,, with how many girls you have done this?" hehe,,,,,,, And if anyone of you has the same question.....then my answer is,,,, "NONE"...... hehe!!!!

Was this arousing,,,,,,??

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NISHANK 6 years ago

kya baat hai!! nice imagination!

rishworld profile image

rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@Nishank....... Thanxx for stopping by... !!

Adhiti  6 years ago

Hey Dude!! Honestly, I'm so impressed by ur imagination. This is exactly how I feel with whom I'm havin a crush, but afraid to tell him my feelings. Ouch..... Anyway, loved the way how u expressed ur feelings through writing this wonderful piece of work.... & I'm 20, so allowed to read it LOL!!! Voted up! Thxxxxx for this!!! :)...

rishworld profile image

rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@Adhiti.... Thannxx a lott for a wonderful comment... This written piece is honored if it is like how u feel for ur Special Somone... n dont worry he will understand u.... stay dedicated,,,,hehe

Well.....I hope I'll write some more things like this..... Hav fun...

bonojini 6 years ago god!!!!!! u r too much in ur imaginations...these words doesnt seem at all like dis d fact is...i hav seen d more dangerous one in u too!!!! lets see..wen d others wil find out...wat wil b der comment!!!

rishworld profile image

rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@bonojini...... hehe,,,,,so i think its gud to be more dangerous,,,,,, ri8?? well thanxx for valuable comment.......

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I think you've got some definite skill. Here's the best advice that I can take and give here-and I'm incorporating it myself, but only recently. Add more text capsules, and break your text up with them that way-and you'll have a bold black subtitle that you can add. . . .sort of like having different chapters on your hub.

rishworld profile image

rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@wesman... thankyou young man for a wonderful advice, i'll consider it right from my next hub....

debbiesdailyviews profile image

debbiesdailyviews 6 years ago

My MY, your imagination is worthy of a novel.

You are a brilliant writer, and show much maturity, Well especialy in this piece. nudge-nudge, wink-wink-, say no more ! hahaha.

You're too young to understand that , and I'm to old to be reading this hahahaha

Fantastic work, well written.

rishworld profile image

rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@debbie........ Well, Well, your comment is so much encouraging... frankly speaking, frm some days i was nt getting much intrest in writing bt really, aftr reading this comment i think im gonna write a hub very soon... thankyou very much for a rejuvenating comment...

abhinay nigam 5 years ago

well well well.......kya baat hai!!!

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@Abhinay.......Hey Thanx :)

ajay krishna saxena 5 years ago

bhai rishi ......fadu imagination ......keep it up buddy :)

mohit  5 years ago

awsm dude really fantastic imagination......and images give d real feelings which can't b explained through words.....& u r not a kid bro....keep it up.....waiting for ur nxt imagination.....write as soon as possible...

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@Ajay..........thanxx brother.... :) :)

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@Mohit....... HAHAHA......sure dude...... :)

i will write as soon as possible, u noticed n lyked the pics..thats great...thanxx brother..... :)

sharda 5 years ago

osum work buddy!! i still cant believe "rishi nigam" wrote al dis.. keep it up.. al d bst...

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@sharda...... haha...Thankyou very much dear :) :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....a true wealth of writing talent you have my friend - and this fantasy is beautiful indeed because you made it so - and we are your lucky readers to share it with you - and as Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) once sang and wrote:

"Love is the drug ... I need to score ....."

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@epigramman........ a heart full of thanxx for such a wealthy comment.......

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago

imagination... will surprised us. Love is never die story... voted up!

rishworld profile image

rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World.. Author

@WriterDj...... thankyou buddy :)

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