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Innocence In the Making

Watching nature change
Watching nature change | Source

A promise to a child

I was there when you took your first breath

Opened your eyes big and bright

Filling my heart with love and delight

For this little being was part of me

All ten fingers and all ten toes

Proud of you as I could be

As the sands of time come and go

I will pick u up when u fall

As I stand by and watch you grow

Seasons pass and fade

I will share my knowledge with you

Now and every decade

I was sure showing you my love would be a test

As you grow and mature

Hoping you become the best

Becuz in your heart of hearts

And in your mind of minds

I know you are very smart

Wanting you to know no matter how big or small

The task at hand may be

Just set your mind to it u can conquer all

No matter what your dreams are

Nor where life takes you

I am never far

No matter how grown up u are

Nor the choices you make

You will always be my shining star

I will always be here for you.

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Your thoughts, your inspirations. 6 comments

bluebird profile image

bluebird 5 years ago

I liked this, it conveys well the thoughts and feelings we as parents have as the apron strings are gradually loosened and we watch our babies go from children to adults. It's an amazing thing, yet a bit hard on us, it's never easy letting go.

Alexa Poesia profile image

Alexa Poesia 5 years ago from Ohio Author

Thank you so much, my oldest will soon be leaving on his own. Its is truly hard to let go but yet stay close.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 4 years ago from New York City

Beautiful poetry once again, this reminds me of how my mother use to talk to me about life, thanks for bringing back such a awesome memory of her, this poem is quite precious indeed.

Thumbs up, and out!

Alexa Poesia profile image

Alexa Poesia 4 years ago from Ohio Author

Thank you soo much for your appreciation of my writing.

The Invincible profile image

The Invincible 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

Apparently, I've developed my interest in poetry... This one, which I just read sounds amazing to me... Well written.

Alexa Poesia profile image

Alexa Poesia 4 years ago from Ohio Author

I try to write with vision and from the heart.

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