My dad pneumonia

My dad has pneumonia

He coughs a lot each day

We want to take him to the hospital

But he resists everyday

Medication I gave him

Doesn’t help at all

Plenty of rest he got

Wasn’t given in at all

His lung wheeze so loud

That I could hear

Without using the stethoscope

It quite loud and clear

Taking him to the hospital

To get him the right treatment

Was difficult for me to bear

I know the reason

Why he doesn’t want to go

Because he want to die

And left all of us alone

My older sister is the reason

Who made him decide

She never been there for daddy

When he want her by his side

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Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States

Just pray for him, have faith, visualize seeing him the way you want to.This is the best treatment for him, keep positive. He is well se lah

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