My deepest Unspoken

How do you say something...

Without actually saying it?


How do you forget about something,

that should never have been thought?


How can you truly forgive,

When they keep re-opening that wound in your heart?


Why should I open up about something,

that I've tried so hard to lock away?


How could I be hurt to this level?

This pain that I feel is the work of the devil.


I have loved them both,

But yet they despise me...


They say, "Enhobik w'enmoutaleek",

But really they've killed me,

or a piece of me at least...


My two branches of the same tree,

the two types of the same bond.


Yet, I cut one off completely,

But try desperately to rescue the other.


And the worst pain of all is

that they don't understand the extent,

to that which their lustful intent

has broken me.


Isn't it me,

that should be,

given the empathy?


Instead they continue to try and tear me apart...

Isn't it enough,

that combined they have broken my heart?


As she falls in this sea of depression and denial,

I take the blame and the guilt

for a broken relation

that I was not the one to defile!


Now, there is that one piece

of the puzzle that is me,

Lost forever and never to see.

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maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

I read this poem out loud, twice...It resonates with me and stirs up long forgotten memories of a parted love that was blameless, as much as blame can be blameless...Thank you for sharing this...Larry

philip carey 61 6 years ago

Heartfelt and real--which makes it good. Nicely done.

Fluffymetal profile image

Fluffymetal 6 years ago from Texas

I rated it up. Really nice

paul walker 6 years ago

this is great i can almost see what has happened through your words i wouldnt be so niave as to say i know what you were thinking when you wrote this, but the sadness, pain and anger, hits you hard when you read it.

thank you

whispers of faith profile image

whispers of faith 5 years ago

wow beautiful i know i was right to follow you. this poem is so deep and beautiful i love it

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