My love poem for you


Dear miss Helene,


And shine now, and go beyond the lines of yesterday,

And go on, past the spirits that once adored you,

And hope then and hence forgiveness will reach out,

And open, your eyes, your soul to loving sunny presence,

For mercy is leaving and prays for thy sweet embracing lips.


And smile humbly; give the world reasons to laugh again,

And run swiftly, remember thou the presents of last winter,

And look back, at my eager tears washing your bosom,

And let my ego to subside, thy scent of loving treasures,

For love is close at hand combining two souls in one.


And for too lovely for words, I’m so ashamed dishonoring your grace,

And stand closer, met my soul though the blinks of my eyes,

And embrace with ease, your fragile kneeling beating heart,

And imagine, a house narrowing the corners of a family,

For magic is real: when dreams linger over our wavering wishes.  


And fight on; rip off the clothes stained with depression,

And sing now, throw down their flimsy expectations,

And reach out, your name is changing through our union,

And kiss me, we’ll find the smooth home between the sheets,

For screaming is allowed when loving feelings are involved.



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