My pet animal is cat

My pet animal is cat .I call it mini ' it is  black in color and beautiful to look at .Its whole body is covered with soft fur .

It has a long tail and round head . lt's eyes and ears are very acute . lts four legs have some sharp  claws by which  it can easily kill the rats .

Like mini very much for its good nature . when l call it mini  it comes to me mewing . i give it fish , meat ,milk and rice. It is fond of milk but

it does not steal it. so, every member of our house loves mini dearly .

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Blog-Bari 6 years ago

Nice Hobby, I Like This

sunakshi 4 years ago

very short but very essy

sumit santosh amle 4 years ago

sumit amle

molly 4 years ago

how old is your cat

kausalya 4 years ago

nice the cat is so nice

kausalya 4 years ago

the cat is so nice

kausalya 4 years ago

the cat is so nice

Carrie 4 years ago


suji 4 years ago

very soft and cute

fahad 4 years ago

super cat

williams 3 years ago


John 3 years ago


prayag 3 years ago

tara jasa girafe hi

hana 3 years ago


asfarizfa 3 years ago

nice hobby

srimathi sundar 3 years ago

so nice article i like it but the name of the cat can be loosy

c.v.meleshnaa 3 years ago

its awesome .i have no words to describe means it excellent

suzie 3 years ago

nice cat!

derisha 3 years ago

it will be mush better if it was longer

Nabila 3 years ago

It`s absolutely perfect as a paragraph :)

ALI hIsHaM 3 years ago

1T"S gO0D

fadhil kabeer 3 years ago

It is good pet. :)

fadhil kabeer 3 years ago

It is good pet. :)

3 years ago

This is to shot

max 3 years ago

I too have one

halian 3 years ago

So bed

akshantha 3 years ago


thansiha 3 years ago


ViNoTh 3 years ago

VeRrY SiMpLe

sauleha khan 3 years ago


nice 3 years ago

short & sweet

NISHANT 3 years ago


DEEPASH 3 years ago


merlin 3 years ago


pihuraj 3 years ago

good paragraph

asmi 3 years ago

Thanks very much

famiza 3 years ago

Thanks i copied it for essay

pami 3 years ago

There are still a lot of mistakes in punctuation, capital letter and spelling, but the story is good

rohit 3 years ago

nice for little chield

Mini 3 years ago

Lovely,sweet and cute

Amna 3 years ago

Lovely ,sweet and cute

Faiez 3 years ago

Good paragraph

rufna 3 years ago

nice para about your cay

fff 2 years ago

i am the cat im black and beautiful

le chat 2 years ago

you you

Since 2 years ago

Very good and nice

tdgs 2 years ago


Mama 2 years ago

i know pet cat coco

Farrah 2 years ago



tabasum 2 years ago

nice paragraph

Tisya 2 years ago


manela i soy de la AGONArapita TARR 2 years ago

i dasn't like no se entiende esta muy mal escrita i tiene muchas faltas es horibolllllllllllll

kkkkd 2 years ago

not bad

Sarah 2 years ago

I love it

Actually I'm in grade 4 and I got it as home work

It's short and easy

enda 2 years ago


alex 2 years ago

its nice :)

Mohammed Ali 2 years ago



hiba 2 years ago

a very perfect paragraph

sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy hamna 2 years ago

i love your paragraph

65451503 2 years ago


aroha 2 years ago

Nice . I take it for my oral test .. ^_^

reshma agarwal 2 years ago

like my boyfriend

reva 2 years ago

Not bad but its a great work

Varshith 2 years ago

Never makes me to go up it always brings me everything

yana 2 years ago

Not bad :)

jimwell 2 years ago

nice your mini cat it soo nice :D

RD Chauhan advocate. 09426261298 India(Gujarat) 2 years ago

This essay is useful to my son Dhruvsen. He is studying in 4th std.

Thank u for this.

edna 2 years ago

thank's for help

hmkgbjku 2 years ago

Its bad

s.noga 2 years ago

I like thiS essay very much

honey mae 2 years ago

tnx for the info =) =)

advaith 2 years ago


girl555 2 years ago

I god used how house put vorged she CDC

syed 2 years ago

the goodest article i have never seen

sonali 2 years ago

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good

munia 2 years ago

it is nice but short but it very nice

falak 2 years ago


najju 2 years ago


afra 2 years ago


MarianShineTumang 2 years ago


Ishita 2 years ago

cat and i name is Billu

Pranto 24 months ago


beautiful 23 months ago

so cute cat inames is pinki

maria 23 months ago

very nice

aditya gupta 22 months ago

So sweet

du 22 months ago

xD my

zaroo 22 months ago

boring essay. i need big

Nicho 21 months ago

so beautiful & good behavioural cat thx

Soinl 20 months ago

it nice

achu 19 months ago

so bore

DISHA 18 months ago


satish kusaram 17 months ago


mahek 16 months ago

you wrote very nice it is feeling like crying

andagunduthandapani 16 months ago

Paragraph is good but very short and has many grammar mistakes.

gowshik 12 months ago

the cat is beatiful

Salsa 12 months ago

This so nice

Debaswini 9 months ago


jennifor 8 months ago


lilian 7 months ago


rameesha 7 months ago

wow but very small

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