My starting point.

Reading is one thing i love doing then writing is one big heart i have,i have read so many interesting and motivational piece. Recently, i came across a poem over the internet,it was a poem by Red Foley title FORGIVE ME WHEN I WHINE.

After reading the poem,i found reasons why i have to be happy with myself. Being happy with myself made me believe in one thing.

My starting point.

The sky is my starting point

Not my limit

No matter the storm and waves

I will reach the top

I will never hang with Chickens

They don't fly

I am a true Eagle

Will fly with Eagles

O Lord thank you for my hands

I can write and smile

O Lord thank you for my legs

I can run and walk

O lord thank you for my eyes

I can see all directions

Success is my limit but the sky my starting point.


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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

God - forgive me when I whine!

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

We have to be happy everyday that why i am glad you came along.Thanks Micky Dee.

profile image

Earthbeat 6 years ago

Thanks for the poem - right on!

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Thanks for coming by Earthbeat.

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