My strength is my weakness (poem)

I become stronger by acknowledging I am weak


Sometimes, we can be too strong.

By Bruce Bean

My strength is my weakness
It fortifies me without
But imprisons me within
It pushes me forward
But exposes my heart
It helps me conquer
But leaves me vulnerable
It encompasses my soul
But leaves me alone to cry
It compels me to give
To those who ask
But never to ask of those
Who would give
It ask me to sacrifice
But gives no reason
It covers me with protection
But makes me transparent
Because being strong
Is often our greatest weakness

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GuitarGear profile image

GuitarGear 3 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

Great poem. I'm glad I got to read it. Thanks.

habueld profile image

habueld 3 years ago from Riverside, CA Author


skellie profile image

skellie 3 years ago from Adelaide

So very true and felt every word. Great job :)

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