I look in the mirror,

And what do I see?

This girl unknown,

And unrecognisable to me.

I used to be such a good girl,

With my faith so strong,

What happened?

How could I go so far wrong?

How, to this extent,

Could I metamorphosise?

This is something,

Even I, can only surmise.

I see this girl in front of me,

So unsure of anything,

But just fighting to be free.

I was no one and had nothing,

But yet I had it all,

Now look at what I’ve become,

My… how I really did fall.

I don’t know who I am,

Or where I am to go,

But I certainly can’t stand,

To be this person anymore.

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cindyleedavis profile image

cindyleedavis 7 years ago from

You sound like through your writing that you reached a place that you didn't like. A place where even though you were living there, you knew that you needed and wanted to leave and live a better life. The last verse was shocking compared to the rest. Very specific. I hope that you can see the good that you have in your life. Keep writing. And thank you for sharing this writing.

whispers of faith profile image

whispers of faith 6 years ago

wow this poem really speaks to me. its almost like your living in me lol. i actually understand what your going through when you wrote this cause i am going through that now

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