My Mama taught me this

Be honest

Be goodness

Don't gossip

Don't quarrel

Be trustworthy

Be kind

Be gracious

Don't be stubborn

Have discretion

Be modest

Be liberal in giving

Search for God

Don't provoke my family to anger and be resentful

Have honest thoughts

Don't accuse-defend

Don't be to proud to work

Be concerned for animal welfare

Work hard

Help others

Listen to others

Stay cool when insulted

Speak wise words

Plan for good

Keep promises

Speak encouraging words

Ask advise from friends

Be diligent

Make good use of everything I find

Don't fear death

Be self controlled

Hate lies

Think ahead

Don't gamble

Accept criticism

Eat to live

Be smart check where I'm going

Be cautious

Avoid danger

Be patient

Have love for the poor

Don't be jealous of the rich

Control my temper

Have a relaxed attitude

This list is very incomplete,I'm learning as I go along

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RevLady profile image

RevLady 7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

Very nice, meaningful expression of thoughts Sunshiney31.

Forever His

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