Nature, A Friend Of Wonder

Nature, A Friend Of Wonder

Just for a moment, I stood very still,

To stop my clock, to stop my talk.

For I knew I was missing someone dear,

Someone with whom I used to walk.

This special person was not a human,

But a presence you never want to miss.

For he has been a friend to you too.

Just think of the times you needed a hug and a kiss.

In my childhood I thought he was a stranger,

Or a magician who did the best tricks,

But I grew up to comprehend my senses.

I knew he was more than just bricks

In times of sorrow, I just sat near my window,

Waiting alone thinking the world around me was just gloomy,

But it was then he showed what he could do,

And filled my memory with things that surprise me.

He was the one who cared for the little seed,

That I planted a long time ago.

I knew it would grow, but I didn't know how.

Now, because of him it is a tree which gives me a daily mango.

It is he who makes the waters flow from the heavens above,

Onto this land filled with thirst and hunger,

But now the earth is scorched under the sun,

Because we don't care about him and he is filled with anger.

He is the one who makes the earth glow green,

But now he says that he is tired of waiting;

For us to return, for us to share our love.

His revenge is unstoppable, even if he hears our hearts crying.

He spits out fire through the mouths of the volcanoes,

And raises the seas high up to swallow the land

He breaks the earth and fills it with traps,

For man to know the magic of his wand.

He was and is still a person of wonder,

A force so mighty, with a dynamic structure.

Remember, he is still ready for you and me,

And this superstar is our dear Nature!

Nature - God's Greatest Gift To Mankind

Look at God's humble creation in this glorious land, the wonderful works of his hand. You can't help but praise and admire. The perfection and precision of thoughts to execute such a plan. Mustn't we all be thankful, grateful for we are his chosen people, chosen to live in his land filled with marvelous little wonders? The mighty ball of fire in the vast sky, to illuminate the places of darkness, and to shun away loneliness. The happy birds, so high they fly amidst long trees in oneness. Water in the form of tiny rivers, streams, join with each other on perfect harmony to produce magnificent dense waterfalls . The glittering stars in colonies gladly fill up the night sky, realize they have someone for company. But above all these brilliant handicrafts of God, you and I stand priceless and unique, blessed to prosper, the tenants of his land, so we can do our best to save God's creation for the rest, and show our gratitude for the GREATEST GIFT EVER!

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