Nelson DeMille : A Fantastic Author Reviewed

 Why I like Nelson DeMille’s Books

Nelson DeMille is a great author who writes fantastic novels. What I really like about his style is that he captures your interest right from the first page and keeps you hooked through the whole book. Great entertainment! He writes mostly in the first person, which is a style that I find very absorbing and involving. Some recurring characters in his books include John Corey, a retired New York City detective on special assignment with the FBI. He appears in PlumIsland, The Lions Game, Night Fall and Wild Fire. Paul Brenner is an investigator for the US Army Criminal Investigation Division and appears in The Generals Daughter and Up Country.

The Generals Daughter has been made into a film (released 1999) and Word Of Honor has been made into a television movie (2003).

Nelson DeMille’s books are thrillers, many involving terrorist themes, espionage and mystery. I have categorised his books below into common themes:


By the Rivers of Babylon: Fantastic story involving the hijacking and crash landing of two aircraft near Babylon. There ensues a fight for survival between the passengers and the Palestinian terrorists. Superb thriller, one of my favourites.

Mayday: A jumbo jet is crippled by a missile strike and the survivors have to land the plane. A favourite for me.

Cathedral: IRA terrorist plot to seize a Cathedral in Northern Ireland and hold hostages. British intelligence has to resolve the situation but they have an agenda of their own. Good read.

The Lions Game: A terrorist lands at JFK airport in a plane full of dead people, his mission to kill a man. John Corey must hunt him down and stop him. Good read.

Night Fall: Investigation by John Corey of the mysterious destruction of TWA Flight 800. He must uncover the plot behind it. I loved it.

Wild Fire: John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield must uncover and stop a plot to detonate a nuclear device in the US. Good read.


The Talbot Odyssey: The Russians have a mole code-named Talbot inside the CIA who is involved in murder and espionage on the streets of New York. A deeper plot is uncovered to launch a first strike against the US.

The CharmSchool: A huge KGB conspiracy in the middle of Russia aimed at striking at America. A favourite of mine.


The Generals Daughter: The daughter of a legendary General is found dead, naked and bound on the firing range. Paul Brenner, a member of an elite investigation unit must investigate, revealing a web of corruption. Good read.

PlumIsland: The location of a biological research site reputedly involved in germ warfare. John Corey discovers a young couple dead on the family patio, they are biologists at the secret site, he investigates only to find the dangerous secret of PlumIsland. A favourite of mine.


Spencerville: A top intelligence officer, Keith Landry returns to Spencerville, the town where he grew up. He meets again and falls in love with his childhood sweetheart who is now married to the local police chief, a nasty piece of work who is jealous and vindictive. When he finds out, violence and vengeance ensue. Superb read, one of my favourites.

Mafia Thrillers

The Gold Coast: John Sutter, a Wall Street lawyer gets drawn into the violent world of his neighbour Frank Bellarosa, a mafia don, as they fight over Sutter’s wife and a piece of land on the Gold Coast (a stretch of the North shore of Long Island). Murder and mayhem ensue.

The Gate House: The sequel to The Gold Coast and Nelson’s latest book. John Sutter returns to the Gold Coast after an absence of three years for the funeral of an old family servant. He is re-united with his ex wife but also the son of the mafia don Frank Bellarosa (who is dead). The son pulls them back into the violent world of the Bellarosa family and seeks to kill Susan, Sutter’s ex wife.

Vietnam Thrillers

Word of Honor: Ben Tyson, a brilliant corporate executive has a guilty secret from his past life as a lieutenant in Vietnam. He was the commander when a terrible atrocity was committed. Although all concerned were pledged to secrecy the secret has been revealed and the press and army justice are in hot pursuit. Ben’s career, personal life and honor now hang in the balance.

Up Country: Paul Brenner, a veteran of the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division is asked to return to Vietnam to investigate a murder that took place during the war thirty years earlier. He uncovers much more than a forgotten murder and finds himself in a battle for survival along with his beautiful but mysterious ally, Susan Weber.


All Nelson DeMille’s books are great to read. Choosing favourites is a very personal choice but my particular favourites are: By the Rivers of Babylon, Spencerville, Mayday, Night Fall, The Charm School, Plum Island and Word of Honor.

If you haven’t read any Nelson DeMille yet then go ahead and give it a go. And if you have read some of them, read the rest!

You won’t be disappointed.

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