Nemesis (The dark Reunion) 2

Nemesis: Part Two (Dark Reunion)

It was such a beautiful night, the sky was decorated with stars each standing out, shimmering  down gracefully on the humans that stood down, thus, lightening their dark paths that twirled and collided together. Christmas carols echoes throughout the streets and soon merged with the beautiful tune that was sang by the oak and pine trees near by that swayed like dancers in a nightclub as the wind played its unforgiving tune. Heaven smiled that night as the moon like a soprano singer glided through the tiny clouds that followed his lead as a tiny child would do seeking after some candy. The mist behind the trees formed a protective seal that hid a dark shape behind an oak tree. It usually didn’t snow here but it was promising. What else could a person ask on Christmas Eve other than white pure snow?

 Yami stared at the mirror, not even remembering last night, and her refection stared beautifully back wearing a silk long black dress that fell so smoothly on that body of hers revealing her curved body which her friends described as a super-model’s. She wore her hair in a very simply manner. The dark hair glittered and glided with the silk dress and hang loosely till the middle of her back. “Oh perfect!” she thought looking one more time at her gorgeous reflection.

As she headed downstairs she ran back to her room and took a silver like box from under her dresser and opened it slowly delicately sweeping the tiny valuable necklace out of the box while using only two fingers in order not to damage the silver change that held the stone.  She held it up in the air for a second and sighed; “Oh Stephan , how long has it been six years?” She positioned the priceless item on her neck watching its black stone falling like an angel on her skin. Its stone was marked like a turquoise with golden lines that mingled beautifully with the dark stone. Looking at herself in the mirror made her feel a little tired of pretending that she got over what happened to Stephan. A little tear that has been held back for years formed, trying uselessly to come  back to life and show her reflection as well as her soul that she was strong at the outside but not all the way through. She held it back and forced a wicked smile that would get any guy trembling on his feet. “Let’s do this” she said. She head downstairs silently as she silenced her inner self and faked another smile before closing the door behind her.

Outside people were rattling in joy unaware of her little world crashing. “Hugging and kissing, that is all they do” she sighed and called for a cab. She told the driver to take her straight to her dad’s place and he complied without any hesitation. As the cab stopped, she saw Jenny her best friend since KG standing with Michael who appeared to have just reach the door of her father’s place. He was smiling in such an angelic way that her heart pounded so hard that it almost came out of her chest. Michael was that kind of guy that would make you drool whether or not you were aware of that and she has done that a couple of times in public that she felt a little weird being beside that angel that walked the pure earth. He was tall, like six-six maybe six-seven with blood hair with luster and gleam that he stood always out when being a crowd. His beautiful hair was till his shoulders and has grown it as she asked him to last Christmas. With his deep topaz-grey eyes that stared at her she felt herself sink deep into the amazing feeling of the pacific. She gazed for a long time through his eyes which were marked like a turquoise with golden lines that swirled and zigzagged in a very unique way. It made him look like an angel.

He glided towards her and said “You’re staring right through me, that you could have burned a hole right through here”; as he pointed at his heart.” I know this is weird to your after what happened to your brother Stephan but this is why we are here. We will stay close and help you out with your dad and the past. Don’t worry I will always be there, and if things go right you might even know the truth and stop beating yourself about the past. Come on.” He gave her a warm look and simply with a gliding manner headed towards the door and rang the bell. He smiled back and asked her to take a breath which she did. Trusting Michael was like an instinct in her and she did trust him since they were children. He always looked out for her and Jenny and never left them when they were depressed or anything. He simply was there for both of them. “Angel like nature” she though and returned his smile with another fake one that she mastered a couple of years ago. Jenny was texting really fast. And one thing she did gracefully was texting. She was texting Jace, her long distant boyfriend in LA who seemed to call her right after the message was sent. Jenny made a face, and by reading her silent lips, Yami knew who it was. She smiled back and told her to go ahead. By the time she looked back at angelic Michael, she noticed he had that inspector look on his face. Trying no to startle her, he gave her that gorgeous smile that took her breath a way and said; “Ok, I have tried the bell but I guess your dad is simply a sleep or out. This sounds weird though, I mean he was trying to talk you into this reunion thing for like three years and now he simply doesn’t show up. Weird”

Jenny stepped on the stairs and said Jace was in town and wanted to meet her on sixth street in Café Rio. So, by pure instinct she said goodbye and headed to the street smiling back at Yami and Michael. Yami moved towards him and simply slid her hand under the pot that was place  on the stair, “If I am lucky which I don’t think I am it should be right” she cut her sentence in the middle and held a silver key in her hand smiling back at Michael who returned the favor. “Ok this is weird I have never been into this house since like- I don’t know ages” She shrugged trying to fit the key to the lock but her hand didn’t steady though she forced the muscles to do so. Michael stepped forward took the key gently out of her hand and with one stroke had it inside the lock and has simply opening the door when she say that the lights were off. She jerked her hand trying to find the switch “There!” she said. But unfortunately the lights didn’t go on “Damn, he probably didn’t even pay the electric bills” she said. She knew the place like the palm of her hand and head to the kitchen. Blindly opening a cabinet or two then holding wax-candle in her hand. Michael came forward smiling in the dark and gestured in a very delicate manner to his pocket taking out an army lighter and put on the candle in one trial. “Oh thanks that should to it. I guess he is up stairs though I don’t know why the hell would he bother and contact me after all these years and simply blow it off. He still knows I blame him for Stephan’s death , but maybe he deserves a chance to explain” she tried to force the thought into herself, but she herself wasn’t really a huge believer of second chances. “what that hell am I saying,” she thought “a leopard never changes its spots “

They head upstairs to the room where he usually slept . After her mother’s death, the room seemed dim though she remembered him having the lights always on even at night. The door was closed so they decided to knock, but when they were answered by nothing but silence she held her hand towards the knob. Michael patted her shoulder and told her by one glance to go gentle on the door as it squealed.  The light from the candle dimmed as the door swung open but there was something wrong she thought. The curtains had dark patched, but she knew deep down inside that it simply felt wrong. A dark shadow stood behind the bed and looking startled it turned with its full gaze on the intruders. “Oh isn’t it the little one he said” as if speaking to himself. “I have been wait for you. You made quite an appearance that made it so easy for me to trace the source of your power.”

“Stay back” Michael ordered in a very authoritarian and protective manner. “Dark boy do you think you are a match for me? Did you forget that I have been on earth before your great grand father was born. “You know what she is capable of and she is the one. Isn’t it shinigami?” She stared gazing with her mouth open wide. “What are you talking about? I don’t” and she has cut in the middle of the sentence by his settled voice “Oh shall I refresh your memory. Last night where were you little one? Have you forgotten what you’ve done, what you are capable of? Or are you dumb-stricken?”

“I thought it was a bad dream! I didn’t do anything. I—Didn’t mean any harm but – no” then silence fell. “I am not a murderer!”

“You aren’t! But you want to know that truth about Stephan’s death and about why you have those dark urges to burst people into flames. Do you want to know why you carry that dark secret with you and Katana that saved your life yesterday? Don’t you feel the power in her Michael?”

Michael gazed at her and said “I told you to stay away from her! She doesn’t need this in her life!”

“Stephan died protecting her and you want her to stay unprotected not knowing all about the dark forces that are after her power? She is the one!” He came forward and handed her a letter that was covered with a little stain of blood. She didn’t know what happened in the room but dark patches filled the place, the bed, the ground, the walls, even the roof. “I didn’t! but they did. Just read the letter and then make up your mind.”

Yami gazed through the letter for a while, then opened it thinking, “why didn’t I remember last night? What really happened back in that dark alley?”Things were fuzzy and her head spun.

The letter read,

Dear Yami, daughter and beloved one

Have I ever told you that your name means darkness in an ancient language? And-


End Of part 2

What will come next is beyond anyone's ability to understand. Will she fall? Will she rise? Will she burn alone?

the one who never fears his sword is not worthy of yielding its power
the one who never fears his sword is not worthy of yielding its power
shinigami Rukia with her katana : Sode no Shirayuki (袖白雪, Sleeve of the White Snow)
shinigami Rukia with her katana : Sode no Shirayuki (袖白雪, Sleeve of the White Snow)
bound by love but sworn to kill
bound by love but sworn to kill
THe mist carries the sound of those who cry and hope no one would hear ~ this has nothing to do with bleach and this photo is of Kuchiki rukia (Bleach)
THe mist carries the sound of those who cry and hope no one would hear ~ this has nothing to do with bleach and this photo is of Kuchiki rukia (Bleach)

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Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

oh my, I am speechless. Yami, oh my. I think the letter will reveal her past. Would that account for her memory loss? That is what she cannot understand who she is? Oh goodness.

BLEACH Baby! For the Win!

Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

where is part 1? Is there a link?

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

This is the link for part one :D

well, i am thinking of a nice twist but maybe stephan will have to do with her past and memory loss and her powers. I am also thinking of cute Michael though ...I tried a version for the letter and it got to sentimental so i am rewriting that with some twists.... Part three is titled as "Twists and Turns" but maybe i might change it...Anyhows thanks a lot and i really hope you like part three :D

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 7 years ago

Quite captivating, Uriel! I am looking forward to part 3! "Twists and Turns"...hmmmm. :D

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s , i am really flattered and happy that people are really reading this. I am excited about how part three will turn but fingers crossed it will be good. i hope the new chapter will keep you hmmm-ing LOL

ralwus 7 years ago

OK, I will now move on. Pretty intense in here now.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

i hope it is getting HOT...but some parts will turn cold though :D i didnt read the whole thing though :D

Tara 7 years ago

Hi. Sorry to bug you, but where is the first picture from?

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

well, i have to find for you the site...i remember searching google for : female shinigami with a katana

ill check for you then give you the link.

If you want you can just press right click and then save as.

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