"Never Cry for the Wolf".........

Trap lines and insane minds......

The life of the wolves ! He came from the northern wilds and down into the shadows of woodlands moving at an unbroken pace , covering miles in no time at all and with him , came his mate for life . They had come from an area of the north that had been hunted out when it came to prey , an area saturated by others like them too No , he wasn't the alpha male nor she the leader of the females , but together they had become one . And now , they had moved on to a new world , a new hunting ground , a new and unique place , and for what , you ask ?

For survival itself , and now just as they passed through the highlands they were escorted by the northern lights , tides of colored lights swelling through the night skies like the sea itself and then occasionally standing for long moments as the the moon glow itself guided the way , No , there would be no problems in the night for these two , they owned the night ! What colors do the wolves see , I wondered , do they see them as I do ? Bright reds , green glows and flashes or purples and whites ? I had been tracking them now for days , stopping only at night for rest and then picking up the trail in the new mornings , Why? You ask . Because thats what I do , I study the wolves lifestyles , mating habits ,feeding and traveling journeys as they make thier way through life .

But I must confess , I do it for my own pleasure's , my own interests , I am the wolf hunter ! You know ! .....The one that everyone loves to hate ........ Trapping my way to the end of wolves , and none too soon either . That's the life , the love , the mission , of the wolf trapper. And ! I have some of the best trapping methods in the world ! Trapping ......using the the mind and the lifestyles and habits of the wolf itself to attract them to a certain place of my choosing . Laying the bait , the timing and the setting the mood ..............until it's actually too late to turn around . My method ? you ask , a slow painful and poisonous death . My confession ? I like to watch them as they die ! Once in a while I get to sit for long hours and gaze upon the scene as they pass the last of their hours on earth. Yes , the bait ........food ! It's always the same even for the smarter ,the cagier of the breed!

And yet ,these last few days at least , something is out of place .......this pair , is different ! There is something about these two that lends a new mystery to what I have always known , .......I haven't been able to get close to them and even more than that , I feel more like ......like I am the one being stalked .........in the track of these two I have found my self crossing thier loops of travel more than the opposite . And up untill now I haden't wondered at all .... am I the tracker ........or are they ? I have begun to feel like I'm making mistakes , and I have never been like that before . I suppose thats why I have found myself here in this place right now........out on a limb ! I have even left behind my supplies , the very livelyhood that I need to survive .

And now this ! Of all the stupidest things I've ever done .......to fall through the thin ice , on the edge of the lake , I've lost everything I had with me , damn little at that , sitting here freezing to death without a fire . My legs , my hands and my mind going numb! Through this fog of reality , i realize my hands are shaking so bad that I can't even start a fire with my flints ..........my rifle and traps at the bottom of this lake .........all I can do know is wait ......and sit here ......waiting to die a slow painful numbing death .......but as I look out across the ice pack ....I see them! And they see me , I know they do , and I know what they are thinking .......
I see movement from several directions at once , the grey pair coming from the trees .......and the black one circling my backside .........as I turn to look for a weapon of any kind I realize .......this is it ! This is it .........

In a world of white visions , of mono-chrome backgrounds , and the black edges of the spruce forests .......comes the first howl .........beginning low and increasing in pitch until each of the wolves join in to the howling .............and the only contrast to .......to the white and black background is the too large blotch of blood red colors in the ice and snow at the edge of the lake......... and in the final thoughts of the trappers mind .......... he see's the wolf staring at him from above his face , teeth bared a eyes locking into his very soul ........revenge.

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femmeflashpoint 5 years ago


Wow! What a story, and I loved the ending!

In most situations, I consider myself to be empathetic and compassionate, but I have little to none of either when it comes to trappers.

I'm applauding for the wolves.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Femmeflashpoint , Yes me too ! The irradication of wolves in North America and Europe [actually much of the world ]is a travesty .....:-}

samiaali profile image

samiaali 5 years ago

Hey ahorseback, This was a great story! I love stories about wolves and find them very fascinating, and feel saddened that they are hunted the way they are. Thank you. :)

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Hi Samiaali, thank you , I think it's the solitary or at least secluded live's that they lead that attract us to them!........Be well :-}

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

ahorseback, This is another one of your very best. Your writing skill brought me right into the area...Why would anyone want to kill an aminal just to watch it die? Makes me sick to think about it..Well done..

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

I sort of agree with femmeflashpoint, haha. Though I was thinking maybe, being as family oriented as they are, perhaps the wolves were going to treat you as a cub! I have seen too many shows on wolves, Never Cry Wolf and a documentary about a couple who lived with the wolves (can't remember the title but it was also a book) among the ones I think of in this moment. I would not be happy if a wolf ate my Baxter Thor, however...

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Always , Thank you my friend ! Im glad you like this !.....:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Hi Story ! How are you? , I knew you would like this ......:-}

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

He had it coming to him...

A masterpiece, one of your finest - I loved it!

Voting up, best wishes MM

ThomasRydder 5 years ago

When first reading the piece, I started in on your description of your career, and also began composing the list of inflammatory insults I was about to hurl your way. You got me :)...very nice writing indeed, and compelling enough for me to stick around for more :)TR

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Movie Master , hello ! Thank you so much , you are always so kind. ......:-} .....:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Thomas Rydder , Thank you , I guess thats a good story when its that convincing ! lol.......:-}

SilverGenes 5 years ago

ahorseback, this is a tough subject and I found myself thinking along the same lines as Story. I was waiting for the wolves to lie down beside him and warm him. How could anyone kill like this? And yet they do. Perhaps these trappers should read your stories!

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Silvergenes , Having been a hunter althought never a trapper I completely understand the wildlife's need for management. As in all things . But one thing that really irks me is the scientific studies that collar , live trap and drug any animals. Study is important , but I believe its all molestation! Either way ,we are pushing our wildlife to the edges! Thanks for sharing and Im glad you hang around with us still!.....:-}

CheyenneAutumn profile image

CheyenneAutumn 5 years ago

I loved this my friend! Wolves, coyotes, cougars and bobcats all have a place in nature, yet, we in our ignorance, greed and fear would remove them all to protect our "interests". Never knowing how sad and lonely the daybreak or the nights mysts would be without their calls. Do you think we ever will find the balance we seek?

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

I do Laurie , and I have faith that man will allow room for his mind to open even further! Some of us have always had that balance my friend , You for one ! I too am more impressed with the animal world than the human one at times. The yellowstone wolves , the grizzly returning to parts of the nothwest , here , the couger , the eastern coyote, lynx sightings !...Unfortunately there's alot of "management" going on . Good or bad ? The newest concern of course ; the sea and all it's creatures ! ........:-}

Maggie-May profile image

Maggie-May 5 years ago from the Island of Cape Breton to the Eastern Shores near Halifax, NS

Your writing is something to marvel, and this haunting story is truly wonderful!!

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago Author

Maggie May , Thank you and its good to see you !...How are the highlands?.....:-}

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 23 months ago from sunny Florida

I walked the walk and felt the angst...what a powerfully written tale that too often is carried out in fact.

Angels are on the way once again to you ps

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