Never Me


Lies and deception are

the root of all evil

Kills relationships with a vengeance

You keep me waiting in the wings

Like a backup plan

If you truly loved me, you would never make me wait

You say your busy no time to chat or call

Yet you make time for others you chase

Lies and deceptions always come into play

No morals

You talk in double standards

I don't want to feel like I'm second

I don't want to feel like an option

I want to be the one and only

A priority in your life

The one you think about, dream about, and love

The fact remains in my heart you will always be

However in your heart you don't love me.

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 16 months ago from Queensland Australia

Wow, lies and deception can definitely create these feelings, which you portrayed very well in this poem.

proudmamma profile image

proudmamma 16 months ago Author

Thank you Jodah.

B Brian Hill profile image

B Brian Hill 16 months ago from Long Island, New York

This feels like a heartfelt rendition of your experience. May true love come your way. Your emotions are powerful here!

proudmamma profile image

proudmamma 16 months ago Author

It is...:( and thank you B. Brian Hill.

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