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A very dear young friend of mine has just hit the publishing scene. I am so proud of her. She’s been working for years in pursuit of the one goal....tirelessly, and faithfully.

She’s actually already written this whole series of books, I’m not sure how many there are in all, but the first two have been released! The story is so imaginative and the characters so well-developed. It is written for an audience of young adults, but I am well past that (far enough to have children that age) but I find the series so refreshing and such an enjoyable read.

It’s a wonderful story of adventure, intrigue, romance and about different personalities making their way through a world of kings, wealth, pirates, tribes, and some wonderful questing. Just when I think I know where the story is going, there is another surprising twist.

Treat yourself to a new story by a new author…she’s up and coming…still writing and not losing any steam.

She can be found on amazon and Facebook:

CK Brooke

Writer of romantic adventure. Author of THE DUCHESS QUEST and THE DUCHESS INHERITANCE.

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