Next Stop Oblivion.


Next Stop Oblivion!  

 It's late,
crowds my soul,
My elevator's falling,
someone pushed

all my buttons,
while ascending to paradise.
just as I was

stepping out,
the doors

closed tight,
now I'm hell-bound

and beyond,
to some

kind of Limbo
all Catholics tout.

It's dark,
my world
is rushing away,
the thoughts
in my head
left far behind.
A bottomless pit
awaits me,
no escape hatch,
just a metal box,
that will someday
be my coffin.

It's life,
with all of its
ups and downs,
now a downturn,
so I go with it,
my old friend,
we've traveled
this path often,
and if I wake,
before I die,
perhaps I'll
rise again.





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pbwriterchick 6 years ago

Stay strong MFB...

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