I settle down at night to sleep,

and before I close my eyes,

I hear the floorboards gently creak,

I'm startled by a surprise,

an eerie feeling sweeps toward,

and before I dip my gaze,

a purple mist enshrouds my sight,

my thoughts are all ablaze,

a coldness hovers above my head,

and turns my sweat to ice,

goosebumps on my arms raise up,

like dots upon the dice,

inside my head screams unfold,

and echo 'round my brain,

I'm walking a conscious nightmare,

I think I'm going insane,

lights pierce through the dust,

and sparkle upon the wall,

like floating specks of silver rust,

I see them slowly fall,

shivers of fright engulf me,

as I try to realise,

what is this before me,

that danced before my eyes,

maybe its a nightmare,

or an illusion that's unreal,

could it be a feeling.

I'm not really meant to feel.


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