Nice Guys Always Finish Last.

Nice guys Finish last.




She was the very

last angel God sent down
to stay with the very last man,
who would soon die in Iraq.

Thus she watched

with trembling, saddened eyes
as he fought off each attack
so heroic but yet still she knew
he was never coming back.

Someone had to be the last,
and though war's ends are joyful,
one more would have to perish,
when death reclaimed this boys soul.

It happened quite horrendously,
for his Guardian she was not,
she was only there to carry him,
back to God when he was shot.

A mailbox, full of rusty screws
long rods of steel and nails,
exploded near his convoy,
deadly missles that impale.

His fellow soldiers heard his wails,
hot metal pierced his face,
his genitals, his legs, and arms,
and his future was erased.

He fell hard like a bag of sand,
and drove the metal deep,
she knelt beside him tenderly,
and blessed him with sweet sleep.

His bleeding heart it faltered,
when he awoke to see her face,
he knew that he was headed home,
butto quite a different place.

They sailed into the heavens ,
while the war that raged below,
was settled in a treaty,
on the next day, so it goes.

And when they reached the gates of gold,
the saints all gave salutes,
and welcomed Iraq's last dead man,
as thier new angel recruit.




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