Nightmare - Intro

Honestly, I didn't think things would end the way they did.

Looking back, I suppose I knew it was coming. Perhaps not exactly what has occurred between the Rift and now, but definitely some form of radical change. This world's history is not simple to explain, nor is it happy, so I shall try my hardest.

I'm not sure exactly what year it is. My best guess in the old terms would be close to the 3000s by now, but I'm probably way off. The government stopped using the old terms after the Rift occurred, so what was once BC/AD are now Year 1, Year 2, and so on. Our history books have been rewritten by the government, so all the students know nowadays are the Years. From the information I've gathered, Year 1 was the first year after the complete global government takeover that followed the Rift.

The Rift is slang for the massive revolution that the government's tried so hard to cover up. The first sign of the government takeover was the taxes. They were increased substantially, to the point where the people began protests. Democracy... that's what they used to call the government back then. That's how it worked, right? A government ruled by the people? The people had voices back then. I couldn't imagine that now. After the protests began, the government refused to respond - or even recognize - the valiant souls that were spending their days lobbying for policies that were more fair for the people.

The media back then used to run stories on the protesters. Admiring them, criticizing them. Some saw them as hometown heroes. Others, however, hated them, believed the government had the right to do what they pleased. The protests dragged on for nearly nine months. After that point, civilian passerby began to notice the dissidents disappearing. Their belongings were still there, but the people... they'd vanished. Most simply assumed they had gotten sick of the demonstrations and had left, gone home. It was a reasonable assumption, I think.

Little did they know how fooled they had been.

As the numbers began to dwindle, missing persons reports were filed for the protesters by their families, friends, and spouses. That's when the people began to realize that they hadn't just gone home. The government sugarcoated this with outrageous explanations that, unfortunately, many began to believe.

After the protests were cut short, more policies were gradually implemented in to the system of law in such a manner that the people might not notice. The conservatives noticed the creeping powers of the central government, and they too sounded off in protest.

But it was already too late.

Laws were put in to place that revoked some of the most basic rights the citizens had been given beneath the earliest of the country's laws. The government grew more secretive, appearing suspiciously at the scene of any crimes, disappearances, and mysterious events that occurred. Taxes, then rights, then our freedom.

It escalated so quickly. I was just a child during the first Years, so I don't remember much myself. It's my dream to one day set the historical record straight, show people the elaborate lies they've believed in so indubitably were wrong. You see, the government revoked our right to free speech, religion, even the right to bear arms. Then they began to tell us that we couldn't leave the country, and people began to be assigned jobs. The government said that everyone must work, and that all of our jobs must benefit the country. Due to this, many people were moved in to factories or federally-approved jobs. However, I'm not here right now to explain this progression. Ideally, I will record the atrocious progression for my readers in the future, but I must be brief for now.

Basically, everyone lost their rights to freedom and expression. This thing called the "Oculus" was put in to place - a colossal system of cameras, helicopters, and viewing stations that the government uses to watch us. It's incredibly creepy, but that's how they keep their power. If the people know they're being watched, they're less likely to disobey a law. Laws in this society are absolutes - if you do so much as come close to breaking one, then you will be severely punished.

I hate the Oculus. I hate the government. So I break the laws.

At the beginning of my tale, I live with my siblings. One older brother, one younger sister. My younger brother was taken away alongside my parents a long, long time ago. So instead of being a ward of the government, my brother adopted my sister and I legally, since he's a legal "adult". I attend school with my friends, and my sister attends one near where I'm enrolled. This would be a pretty standard life beneath the new rule of the government if you look at it this way.

Except I'm hiding a secret.

And this secret, if exposed, will kill me.


vkwok profile image

vkwok 2 years ago from Hawaii

You have me intrigued. I wonder what this secret is.

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 2 years ago Author

Thank you! I'm so sorry I haven't been writing much recently. I'd love to continue this story soon!

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