No Matter What I'll Stand

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    You tried to knock me

    down with the weight

    of losing you I will

    admit that I came

    close to taping out

    then a voice said

    to me that I could win,

    that’s when I realized

    that I had once spent time

    loving in the sun, plus spent

    time crying in the rain in addition I survived the cold bitter pain

    of loves frost bite which helped me become stronger, I saw that

    I gained much more than I lost and knew I was wiser, my eyes

    have seen things that most could not stomach but never once

    did I turn my head away, all because I knew my heart was in the

    right place, so go ahead add the weight my soul can bare it you

    were not the first to try and bring me to my knees, just like

    the others you will not succeed, all because I have everything

    I need tucked away deep with me and I know that I’m

    victorious, because I survived the harsh conditions that love

    placed on me, I went out and found water in the middle of dry

    sand and no matter what you do to try and bring me down

    I want you to know that I still will stand.

    Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman


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