Northern Lights- Poem by Rebecca Wood

Northern Lights

I thought up this poem a few years ago. I wasn't very big on the whole love thing until that one made me change my mind. He didn't know of this but he had always made it clear of how he felt about me. We are now engaged and loving every minute together. We've been through our rough patches that only brought us closer together. This is the poem I wrote when I first felt that feeling of love.

On every cold, elegant December

Our love they will always remember

Dancing across the sky, lighter than a feather

You and I could stand against any kind of weather

Our love would glisten with a flare

We made people stop and stare

Touching the souls of others

Inspiring the love of our mothers

Just like all good things come to an end

We'll descend into the night , waiting to return again

Waiting to once again light up the night

Returning to intimidate the Northern Lights

Our love will always be eternally remembered

From that one night in that cold December

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BeccaWood profile image

BeccaWood 4 years ago from Southaven, MS Author

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Winbo. This one and Winter Whiskey seem to be my best.

winbo profile image

winbo 4 years ago

i enjoyed ur poem.. Well written

BeccaWood profile image

BeccaWood 5 years ago from Southaven, MS Author

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, jami l. pereira

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jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Voted up ,awesome and beautiful , thanks for the read!:)

BeccaWood profile image

BeccaWood 5 years ago from Southaven, MS Author


Thank you very much for your interest in my poem. Poetry is probably the one thing that comes swiftly to me. I'll be posting a few more poems of mine of a wide variety. Some being weird, dark, and meaningful, but hopefully they are all equally as good as the other.

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Ghaelach 5 years ago

Hello Beccawood.

Not being a poem critic, i just go by what i see and feel and what i see with your poem is a good old fashioned rhyming poem with proper sentances of more than one or two words. Your poem for me is much better written this way, but as i say i'm no poet.

Two lovers on a cold December night. I like it and voted up.

Take care and have a nice Sunday.

LOL Ghaelach

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