The waves are



Salt water rip tides.

There's no sutch thing as the monster,

"Loch-ness"- of the ocean deep,

Just sea creatures,

that man can not eat.

I live in this world of fairy tales!!!

I understand the truth in all that's said,

people lie to keep there faces fed.

I'll bet the (Triangle) is one great big fishing spot,

I'll bet "Hell" ain't really all that hot,

I'll bet that frog really turned into a moose,

and that Princess was hoped up on the booze,

feeling loose.

I'll bet the "Never Ending Story" seen it's end.

(This world we live sets in a shallow grave,

Man are truly just parasytic slaves)......

I'm tired of walking feeling beat,

Seeing brothers, sleeping on the streets,

While capitolizm stays growing like a .....Yeast......


I'm the poet of see'rs long since past,

time does not change or take no seperate paths,

folks beleive the hoaxes of long ago,

they live in denial, and will never know,

the truth lie's before mans very eye's,

under there feet.


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