Not So Love Poetry



I blush at my rage toward another girl

she makes me ill with true jealously I cannot seem to control

Unable to guard my thoughts or even actions at times

let me be or I will scream

The poison has gotten in my blood

I have been bitten and don’t want to heal.

The lust of pain wills me on to believe

she will die with thoughts of me

how she squirmed her way into our life

taking my lover away from me

only with thoughts of someone better than I

Hard to swallow when she may be right

I slashed her memories and now she is gone.

My lover gone to his career he loved more.

My rage still flows when I think of my eyes

not being opened all the time,

I blinked and now it is clear.


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Gyspy Writer 6 years ago from Midwest

wow is all I can say - just wow!

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