Not The Best Day

How Do We Make It Better ?

First we have to see what we are up against

Then we can fight fire with fire

It all started about three weeks ago

Of course we wait and wait

Hoping we will see changes in the right direction

Being an optimist

Easier for me to say

I wasn't the one with the problem

My wife had a red rash on her legs

She put some bacitracin on it

Wouldn't ya know it got worse instead of better

My great advice

Give it some time

Well I am glad I don't give out advice for a living

If I did I would be on the road traveling

It would be more like leaving town in a hurry

I might have to leave the country

Well the rash spread

To her arms

Once again some more good advice

It has to run it's course

What is the doctor going to do ?

The same thing

Did I tell you about the crazy insane itch

Remember don't scratch if you want to be better

Then on her stomach

Later on her lower back

Are you sure your not scratching it

Who would of guessed sitting in the emergency room on a Saturday night

How does this happen ?

After a copayment of one hundred and fifty dollars

We pull up a seat and wait

Luckily there were only two people ahead of us

The doctor recommended a prescription and see if that will help

She can take Benadryl for the itch

I will tell you more as it develops

Right now I am laying low and out of sight

Thinking of how to make this right

My wife tossing and turning

Up in the middle of the night

I say a few extra I love you's

To remind her

When it slips her mind from time to time

Like it has

The reason I know

Is because when I say such loving words

She lets out this deep eire sinister growl

Got to go

She is coming my way...

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 22 months ago from Queensland Australia

Oh dear Dream On, I feel for you. Guess you'll know better than to give your wife medical advice in future. When she's over the rash she'll acknowledge your love again. Good luck.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 22 months ago Author

Jodah Really amazing how our life and feelings can change so fast. Thank you for your heartfelt comment. Still waiting for signs . It takes time. Wishing you one spectacular day!

chuckandus6 profile image

chuckandus6 21 months ago from The Country-Side

Very clevery written this reminds me of last son got poison ivy head to toe

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 21 months ago Author

Chuckandus6 I had poison ivy when I was young and it was awful. My wife's rash finally started fading. They believe it is an allergic reaction to something she ate. Blood work results come back in five days. The best part is the itch is gone. Another reminder how great life is without any issues or problems. Thank you for reading and sharing your story. Life is about caring and helping others. Have a wonderful day.

chuckandus6 profile image

chuckandus6 21 months ago from The Country-Side

So glad you wife Is feeling better. Have A great week.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 21 months ago Author

Chuckandus6 My wife turned out to be allergic to shrimp, shellfish, dust, cats, Bermuda grass, Soybean and Soy bean oil. She never had allergies before. Surprise. Thank you for reading and caring.

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