Nothing Like Loving You

I Can't Deny...

With every touch and every kiss I'm loving every bit of it. The way you smile, the way you look into my eyes when your telling me how much you love me. It's nothing like loving you.

I can’t deny the feeling I feel inside when you hold me near your heart. I melt away with every heart beat. You are my life. You can't know what it feels like to succeed unless you know what it feels like to fail. Wow, it's nothing like loving you.

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Tiffany 7 months ago

Beautiful poem!

Erica Wright 7 months ago

Amazing poetry... Nothing like loving you is so passionate and moving. I'm in love with this one.

Terry 7 months ago

Just when i thought nothing could be as fly as Will You Marry Me. This poem is beyond dope!

Peetee 7 months ago

I love this..

Corey 7 months ago


LoveBug69 7 months ago

I can't deny... This poem is wondeful.

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JackieKing34 7 months ago

Very passionate.

Joyce 7 months ago

Greatness told in the words of expression. This here is beautiful.

Tish 7 months ago

Woo.. This sends chills up and down my spine. Would love to have someone feel this way about me.

Joshua 7 months ago

Best prose poetry I've heard.

Linda Harrison 7 months ago

I love poetry and came across this one and fell in love with this poem. I like how it rhymes with instant reaction to want or feel what this poem is expressing.

Donald Williams 7 months ago

Best poetry I've read on Hubpages. This writer has something to say and not just anything. But expressions of his life through poetry. I love this one because it shows a more gentle side to the writers ability to express his need to love and how he loves.

Jose 7 months ago

Great words yo.

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