Nothing rhymes with Rachel

She could've had Chandler the handler? But what words can be used to rhyme with Rachel?
She could've had Chandler the handler? But what words can be used to rhyme with Rachel? | Source

There is a phrase that I’ve heard people say

That seems to me ungrateful

That there is this name that has no rhyme –

That nothing rhymes with Rachel.

So I might try and have a go, at writing you this poem,

And I hope that I don’t fail.

Something this challenging can be quite distressing,

‘cos what really rhymes with Rachel?

But I hope that you’ll be able to notice this detail,

And maybe just be thankful,

That growing up through school ‘twas harder for kids to be cruel,

‘cos nothing rhymes with Rachel.

But don’t you see? It makes you unique,

Though it might not be that truthful.

That phrase I’ve heard, might not be deserved,

Or even really useful.

In this rhyme of mine, (I hope you don’t mind)

The rhymes are far from perfect.

But when things get harder, you’ve gotta be smarter,

You have to work to earn it.

And is it really all that awful, when someone’s being thoughtful

To go against the grain and write a poem about your name?

So I hope that you will find, and come to realise

That this imperfect rhyme - is just like you and I!

So now you’ve come to read, this poem that I’ve conceived

You might come to perceive things a little differently.

And before you make the mistake

Of speaking out that phrase

Think twice before you say

That nothing rhymes with your name!

Phoebe's Song from "Friends"

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 6 months ago from United States

I enjoyed this very much my friend. Well done. whonu

Jodah profile image

Jodah 6 months ago from Queensland Australia

Very funny...what about bechamel also. I agree, it may not always be possible to rhyme perfectly with every name..but you can go close enough.

Davorunner profile image

Davorunner 6 months ago from Australia Author

A sauce? It's one I never considered I'll give you that much, but it probably wouldn't work in the rhyme :P

Thanks for your comments, I wrote most of it in one day, but had the idea a few years back, so it was a work in progress over a few years technically.

Initially it was going to be about the way to rhyme with Rachel, but then I decided a better message is it doesn't have to be perfect, just flow and not be jarring, oh and be from the heart.

Kathleen Cochran profile image

Kathleen Cochran 6 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

You can never go wrong with "Friends"! Hope your sister appreciates this work of art.

Davorunner profile image

Davorunner 6 months ago from Australia Author

Thanks Kathleen, she did. She loved it so much she made me a piece of art to say thanks, it was an awesome Pokemon design that she did by hand.

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