Now I Can Testify - Peom

I existed, but was unaware of Life

Yet, Life took hold of me as a project

As it gave me over to time

To maximize its power on my being

Caging me to the region of Process


This brought about the scene i call

The creator and his creation

The first as invisibility/unknow and the Last as detected/understood

In becoming a man from the skin of a baby

Now, I can testify

I was loved, but could not picture it

Yet, love took me in it's purest form

As it gave me over to all that is needed

To maximize its power on my nature

Restricting me to a state of Stability

I was trained, but could not understand why

Yet, training took me hold on my capability

As it gave me over to skill at it's peak

To maximize its power on my latent ability

Restraining me to the position in the top

I was ignorant , but could not explain why

Yet, Ignorant took it hold on me

As it gave me over to inquisitiveness

To maximize it power on my nature

Reconstructing me for the place of the learned

Abba Elijah also know as elijagod

© 2015 Abba Elijah also known as elija_god (elijagod)

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