Now I've Seen Everything

      I was driving home from work today and passed a new Barista. The sign said, "Grand Opening", and Bikini Baristas." Now, I have heard that there are certain Barista stands that have the girls wearing bikinis, but I thought that was a urban legend. Well, I saw a girl at the window handing a cup of coffee to male customer in a car and she was wearing a biking top.

      The first thought that went through my head was one, "Are they freezing in wearing only bikinis," "Second, If my daughter had a job like that, or even applied for one, I would never allow her to leave the house, and third, "Are you that desperate for business that you have the girls all wearing bikinis." I would like to see the men going around wearing those skimpy bathing suits and see how well they do in this cold weather.

      I never thought I would see that happen in our own city. I am disgusted that any young women who respects themselves would be employed there. I wonder why the city hasn't investigated this and isn't this just like going to a topless bar, but except the girls are only wearing bakinis. Am I the only one that is filled with rage over this and how do we tell our girls to respect themselves as women, when you see this all around you?

      I am ashamed to be a woman right now, and even when I pass a magazine stand with a woman posing half dressed. I feel very embarressed. As a society why are we allowing these businesses to operate. Why hasn't anyone put their foot down and said "not here within the city limits?"

      Now, I have seen everything. I guess it doesn't matter how women are being exposed aslong as there is money to be made. I guess we are all pieces of meat, instead of a human being. Are we only breasts, and thighs to all the men out there? How would you like to have your mother, sister, girlfriend, or best friend walking around only wearing a bikini?

     This is the one questions you can ask yourself and guys I would love to hear your respond to this. Let's hear the guys and girls version on this or at any other business that promotes this demeaning representation of women.

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AKI 7 years ago

So a woman was wearing a bikini... god forbid. Someone like you would never make it if you lived further south where bikini tops are the norm. your uptight sexuality is ridiculous.

kathy 7 years ago

Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. It's not harming anyone.

It's not like you can't see that at any beach or lake around here. Big deal. I'm waiting for the guy baristas in bun huggers.

valread98036 profile image

valread98036 7 years ago from Lynnwood Author

I would like AKI and Kathy to read this comment on the bikini baristas and explain how this is not harmful.If you think this is okay than maybe you better look at it more, if this was your daugher, sister, or friend who is need of a job and forced to wear bikinis to sell coffee. I think it is disgusting and degrading for women. I still stand firm in my opinion.

Five US baristas charged customers to touch their breasts and buttocks at an espresso stand where servers wear bikinis to draw business, US police said.

The five were charged Wednesday with prostitution. Charging money for that kind of touching falls under the city's definition of prostitution.

The Everett Herald reports the women were charging up to US$80 (NZ$112) to strip down while fixing lattes and mochas.

During a two-month investigation, detectives also saw the women lick whipped cream off each other and pose naked for pictures at the Grab-n-Go Espresso stand in Everett, about 95 kilometers north of Seattle.

Owner Bill Wheeler told KCPQ-TV employees sign a policy prohibiting the kind of behavior alleged by police. He said anyone caught doing anything illegal would be fired.

The women, ages 18 to 24, were not arrested, said Sgt. Robert Goetz. They were expected to be in Municipal Court in a few weeks to answer misdemeanor charges.

Police have received more than 40 complaints in the past year of women exposing themselves at coffee stands. Goetz said the department investigated Grab-n-Go because it had the most complaints.

"This was about alleged conduct, not about what the women were wearing," he said. "They could have been wearing parkas and if they continued to conduct themselves that way, we still would have filed the criminal charges."

Undercover detectives began posing as customers in mid-July.

During one visit, a barista allegedly told a detective that for $20, she and another barista would give him a show. He paid and they bared their breasts and pulled down their undergarments.

The women also charged customers to play "basketball," a game in which customers threw wadded up money at the women, who caught the money in their underwear, detectives said.

The city council is expected to decide next week whether to change the city's lewd conduct ordinance to cover espresso stands.

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