Nymphe au Naturael

The mermaiden she loved
Only her lover from deep
But if she just one chance
To have another who she
Loved it would only be to
Fulfill her heartfelt destiny
Under the waves all alone
She never counted sheep
And hardly did she sleep
But rather dreamy herself
To dreaming most nights
With both her eyes open
Splashing her caterwauls
As her body washed upon
The shoreline shameless
With the man-o-war jellies
Shocking like moonlight
Laughing and whispering
That she was no cousin
Nor was she a daughter
Of anyone on the dry land
But if you ask her nicely
Her favorite storytellings
Would share her delights
For the children that go run
Across the sandy beaches
By the ebb tide after waves
Making their baby footsteps
In the salt water high tides
And if she had any wishes
Tomorrow she would wish
For legs that could take her
Upon the land and become
A human for a year and a day
Find herself someone to love
Befriend them and have one
Child of her own to raise up
And carry away to the seas
So they could play all eternity
As long lost friends together
To become a surrogate family
The mermaiden her lover and
Their baby one two and three
But alas it was never or ever
To be anything more than her
Wishfully thinking dreamings
As she slept with wide open
The mermaiden and her lover
Nightly under the starlight sea

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HLKeeley profile image

HLKeeley 4 years ago from Charlotte, NC

This is beautiful. I can't describe how much I loved this.

hallamerican profile image

hallamerican 4 years ago from Valley of the Sun in Arizona USA

Yes it is very sweet dreamy. Makes you misty inside. Good job.

bibi16 profile image

bibi16 4 years ago from Phoenix Arizona Author

Awww that is so kewel and so sweet. Hugs HLKeeley. I love hearing that. And you too hallamerican. Smooches...LOL!

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