OTHERS, a slam


i need sleep if i'm to keep out of reach of the reaper

but as i start to drift deeper and deeper into the unconscious

something becomes all to incredibly clear. perhaps the end is near.

what if it is? will you miss the ones you hold dear?

can you fight the fright and fear you feel inside instead of hiding your head under the sand -

would you come to understand that we have been divided and taught that its all one sided

and because of that we have collided with each other in bloody battles

for four thousand years.

-us and them - us verses them.

but they are us and we are them.

because we are all part of the same system stemming off the same family tree

-you and me and he and she. we. are. family. cant you see? not just you and me

but every creature from land to sky to sea to beyond and into infinity.

yes, if the aliens landed and said they were stranded without food -water or a plan

-would you lend them your hand? maybe offer them a drink?

or would you just sit and think "ewww theyre weird looking."

would you learn their ways? read their plays? learn how they say hello?

or would you just stay away from them?

judge them from a far - from the false safety of your car

- hoping the reinforced steal cage is enough to keep in your rage and keep out possibility.

what if they replied "hi" and told you that you'd been lied to and that they are but our brothers

from another earth-like mother - returned to remind us that we ought to love one another?

what then? would you let them in? would you be their friends or would you pen a nasty sign

to hang in your store front window - drawing a line in the sand to stand between you and them?

"no OTHERS allowed." because that's the problem here right?

it ain't about black or white - dark or light -wrong or right. its about self and others.

fathers and mothers.

trouble is we forgot what we all have in common and replaced it

with what we found at the bottom of life's well - a shiny gold coin.

a gold coffin coffer to bury our dreams in

- a golden Gold to give our lives meanin' on a measurable scale.

one we could use

to judge and abuse each other and still feel as though we have morally prevailed.

your morality is a lie you tell yourself to justify the killing of children so you can look fly.

pourin' out your day old bottled water while some poor kid in the desert dies of thirst.

rapin' the earth for all its worth so that you don't have to walk to work

- even tho doing so might just save your life too. might deliver you from your strife and sufferin'.

but i'm still strugglin' to understand why you won't take my hand and make a stand with me.

or don't you see that the seas are risin' - they're coverin' up the horizon and as they do

i'm realizin' they're hypnotizin' us to think the only cure is to drink our sorrows away

when the real answer is and always has been that we must - play. today and everyday.

do you hear what i say? or are you so deaf and bereft of joy that you really don't care.

are you not even scared?

i am. i'm terrified.

but you see the terror that runs down my spine helps to align me

and keeps me from resigning myself to a life of useless apathy.

cause i have been a tree and i have born witness to the horrors of humanity

for eons.

so i've agreed to breed batches of empathy in the basement of my heart

hoping that perhaps the anger i feel will miraculously grow my compassion

until its vines cover the whole earth in one giant embrace.

so i'm sendin my love out to one and to all all - the animals / the plants / the fungi / the bugs.

one love to all - now its time to huff nugz.

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kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 6 years ago from London

I like it.

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