Ode To The Jaw. The story Of A Leno And A Half.

A Leno And a Half!



His was the

missing design

from Mount Rushmore,

As I hammered

at it with my fist,

still he shook

off the blows

in a sweat spray,

swung a roundhouse

right at me but missed.

Most boxers would

call it a bone shrine,

a calcium god

that withstands,

those hard knuckled

slams to a jawline,

that cripples the bones

of men's hands.

9 rounds and my arms

were like jello,

my best uppercut

was reppelled,

by the rock hard

jawbone of this fellow,

who I had thought

for sure would be felled.

All the women

at ringside were gazing,

at the smooth concrete

cut of his jaw,

I was decked in the

tenth while appraising,

that one of those

gals was my Ma.





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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Well- that beats all!

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