Ode To The Unwanted.

Ode to the unwanted.-by-MFB III


is a cage

wherein we sulk

alone we stare

and contemplate

what bars
us from

while all around
our isolated selves
the couples stroll
they smile,

and share
small talk
their needs fulfilled
they pass us by
and seldom see
the hunger

in our eyes
thier gazes locked
upon each other
sharing only two
we are but those
less fortunate

to them
still trapped

within ourselves
and left behind
they vanish
but we remain
in empty states
unwanted prisoners
of our lonely souls.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||-MFB III-

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alternate poet profile image

alternate poet 6 years ago

nice abandoned feel to it - nice :)

Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

There are many things in life which we suffer.

To suffer is the law.

When we feel like unwanted prisoners of our lonely souls, that too is a punishment for living...life is not always a reward.

And the incarcerated prisoner in real life who's in a real prison for a crime, that he was responsible for...feel the same..if he has no fellow prisoners or inmates around to keep him company

...and women are always a gamble.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I'm sentenced to loneliness! Life term! Thanks MFB!

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