Ode to Christian Grey

You are sent from heaven

As a gift for women

I wish there are some other guys like you

But as of now, I haven’t seen or known any

That could be compared to the likeness of you.

Ana Steele is very lucky

To be loved by you possessively

Although you have this “not so good” qualities

Still, you are the hero of my psyche

To be loved by you is a prayer

It will never be answered, I know

Men should envy you

Why could they be like you?

I’m not the only one hoping,

That you are somewhere there waiting

To sweep us off our feet

And bring us to happiness

Anyone who knows you are smitten

By you’re over bearing coolness

And undying charm,

You could be the one

But unfortunately, you are just a character

From a book created by an exemplary author.

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torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

Hi Lauren,

thanks for this simple and very beautiful

poem that you have written here.

it was quite lovely.

Voted up

laurenban profile image

laurenban 3 years ago from The City of Smiles Author

hi torrilynn...thank u i really appreciate your comment.

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