Ode to Joy



Ode to JOY

Swelling, swirling like a crested wave

This sweet moment I wish to save

Oh so sweet but oh so fleeting

Savouring this feeling that's worthy of repeating

No need to despair; you're always near

Even when we're apart I can always hear

Your sweet solace whispers in my ear

Your excitement and pleasure is oh so clear.

Stay with me and never leave

To your warmth I do cleave

Wash over me; Let me feel your embrace

And bask in the beauty of your sensual face.

Contented in the cradle of your arm

Your tenderness like the sunshine is warm

Subtle reminders you're not here to stay

Oh but your return I know is on its way.

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Pixienot profile image

Pixienot 5 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

Excellent poetry! So sweet.

Well done.

Great pictures!

Voted up and awesome.

DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Pixienot, thanks for your visit and your kind comment. This is shortened version of the poem. It is a work in progress so I appreciate your comment.

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

Beautiful,. l do sooooo love the Ocean.!

Thank you. Take care.

DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thanks for your visit Dim Flaxenwick. I too love the ocean or any moving body of water. It has such soothing and calming effect. I remember as a child I would sit for hours just dangling my feet in the ocean; I would feel such peace, contentment and joy. Soemtimes when I'm really stressed I go there mentally. It is wonderful!

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