Ode to Time


Time continues effortlessly,

Move forward

These hands cannot be stilled

Seconds cannot be diminished,

Together they are constantly

moving us, ever forward.

The wayward motion

like a castaway,

a drift on the sea of Life,

Where we cast our lines

in hope to capture

a new thought, new ideas,

or retrieve those unique things

Time does not make us a victim

It is what we capture that define us.

Yet, constantly stalking us in the shadows,

Is this beast, the labyrinth’s Gatekeeper,

Standing firm, barring us from what we believe,

Confusing us, tricking us and keeping us

from reaching those ultimate achievements,

Artfully cluttering our lives with time wasters.

Looking at those tasks, those goals,

We have placed them in our own hands,

Were we honest?

Were we true to ourselves?

Did we wisely use the hourglass sand?

Where is the magic?

Can we blame the beast?

Or is the beast in us?

So can you hear it?

The ever looming question,

woven within the hours,

time continues to tick-tock by,

"What will you do with your time?"

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

A timely message and well done. Your writing is very well worded and you are a gifted expressionist in your writing skills,and mood provoking. Nice work and enjoyable to share.

Lady Legacy profile image

Lady Legacy 4 years ago from Imperial Author

Thank you so much for your feedback!

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