Of Man

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Of Man

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

No shallower a man be,

than the depth of his understanding,

save his ego taking flight

in the world of gratification.

No deeper a man be,

than the openness of his soul to the truth,

save his ability to recognise it.

Sight is one-third anatomical,

and two-thirds speculation,

save the improbable view of reality,

afforded few but boasted often.

No more genuine a man be,

than his acceptance of the truth,

knowing his foibles and

being aware of his journey of knowledge.

No more false a man be,

than his abiding ignorance,

save his stealth and world of secrets

that align the propagation of lies.

Life is one-third physical,

and two-thirds psychological,

save the perceptions of the intuitive,

the perspective of angels.

No simpler a man be,

than a calm and balanced life,

attained through pain and grief,

and without blame accepting all.

No more complex a man be,

than the struggle and strife of earthly life,

the ignorance of truth,

and the investment of self-denial.

Life is what we make of it.

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