...Of Metal and Mechanics...

Glistening metal

where dirt once lay

the armor shines

in the break of day

Dawn, She rises

out of the Night

and blesses me

with Second Sight...

Tracks of time

lay like rubber strips

of burning road

where my memory rips

from a churning engine

and into the Fire

where the black candle burns

and the flame rises higher...

It reaches up into

the white night sky

where Distance and Dusk

have yet to try

to bring me closer

to You and Her

To help me

understand this blur...

Between The Forest

and The Sea

where the glimmering

Silver pieces

still resemble me

Between the ignition

and the core

are the spliced mechanics

that work no more...

In their wake

I've yet to find

traces of me

I've left behind

She lights the sky

with the great white orb

and the mystery

is solved once more...

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Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 3 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

Well you know I'm a fan of your writing Carole... so it's probably no surprise that I very much like this work also (like every thing else you've written!) Thank you for helping to light our skies with your depth and talents. Take care... PD

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