Of Seas and Whales.........

Every thing happens at once there........
enough to keep imaginations alive

The sea gulls leaving ....skimming across the tops
of waves ...they will forever survive

Out beyond the breakers the sea
otters bask in pairs

As the dusk arrives in response to
the call of natures cares

The only thing that does not fit
is the mood I cannot shake

For the life of a whale is sacred
and that's the life I must now take

For I am the whaler the man his harpoon
and his ego in hand

Seeking the blows of the high sea's you see
it's all about the demand

I wouldn't even be out here now
if it wasn't for you the man

The last of the breed is the "big blue " his race
is all but done

What's that ?..........whales Ahoh !
I've found another one


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