Tales from the Cubes


Coworker - do you have any envelopes?

receptionist - no, we work in insurance. We never mail anything out.

Coworker finds envelopes

Coworker - do we have any envelopes that aren't holy?

Receptionist - No, our envelopes have all been blessed.


Coworker - See the cute guy in the bosses' office? I think I'll accidently drop my pen so I have to bend down to pick it up when he looks up.

Receptionist - Go for it.

Coworker - No, I've go some class. Walks back towards her cube passing bosses' office.

Receptionist - I don't! Chucks pen at coworker's feet forcing her to bend to pick it up.


Put hole punches inside a cabinet so when your coworker opens it, the holes go flying in the breeze.

Cover the bottom of an optical mouse with paper so it doesn't work.

Crank the volume on their phone or radio so the next time it rings or they turn on their radio, it blasts them.

String all of their paperclips into a giant chain

Rig their chair so that once they sit down it sinks all the way to the bottom.

Set their clock ahead or behind exactly one hour.

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