Oh Why...someone tell me

Why from Tristen  flickr.com
Why from Tristen flickr.com
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Why? from Sonia Estela flickr.com
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Why So Serious from Jodie Mann flickr.com
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Baby Feet from Jeremy Hall flickr.com
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Howling Wolf from res03uq9 flickr.com

Oh Why...

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Why do storms pre-empt fine weather and arguments end in peace?

Why is pain the greatest teacher and love a soul's release?

Why is strife just one more challenge in a world of serenity rarely seen, and hurt accepts its passage, what falls apart is dreams?

Why does my heart ever long for love, when heartache is all that ends, and friendship so it appears to be, is lost my heart transcends?

And why am I awake at night the stars a burden to hold, their endless distant light of past, too much for a mind be told?

Why do I cry at advertisements, with babies, kittens and the old, when I am man and unbreakable, a stoic steel-like mould?

And why is grass greener on the other side, where feet have not dared to tread, and challenge the scale of dizzy heights unwilling to be met.?

Why is disaster always come in numbers, to beat us to the ground, when ass-holes find the pathway smooth, their gain too much, astound?

Why are baby feet so perfect and grown ups gnarled and irksome, why is beauty all we ever want, when a heart reveals the person?

Why do birds sing in the morning, and dogs howl at night, why do drunks stumble in alleyways, their families a horrid plight?

Why is luck a thing of fancy, when losing is commonly felt, but winning a thing of destiny, a meant to be result?

And why do I sleep alone at night time, all marriages gone to heaven, yet other men bald and ugly, find sex and pleasures given?

Why do I enrich my life with morality straight and true, when reckless men with ill-intent rule the world anew?

And why do trees affect me so, I hug them all the time, yet strangle weeds in my back lawn, my conscience not sublime?

Why do I love those that I do, when frustration often stings, and in the end I forgive them all, and give my love some wings?

Why is the world so harsh and cruel, to those of softer nature, when those of tough and leathery hides, live easy lives with stature?

Why do I continue to write so much, my thoughts in hope of learning, when life itself does beckon me, put down your pen you're burning?

And why do I wallow in my unpleasant past, when a clean and inviting future, screams for me to accept it's path and forgive my past illusions?

Why do I ask so many questions, on a minute to minute basis, it's because I know so little, and I want to die sublimated.

And why is life so complex, when we humans are so dumb, I guess if we knew the truth of it, we'd explode or in madness succumb.

Sometimes our questions, the mere asking of them, alludes to the answers we seek.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 3 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks Colin, appreciated.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

..don't worry buddy , look at my score, 78, and holding, in fact I want it to go down . If there's no respect for Tony and Colin then why have any respect at all. Got a good one though in my new one. 2:07am

putting your profile page on my FB wall again.

Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 3 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Nice to hear your brimming Colin-ness. Hope life isn't too much with all the challenges. Jazz, a few beers and even chicken strips sound a great place to be. And yes, I often think about why I just don't seem to get anywhere with my writing. Even my hubs are getting less and less traffic. This new system on HubPages has quite a few hurdles to overcome. All my top scored hubs aren't even featured. How can that be? Just don't get it. One of my favourite hubs 'What I Know- 19 steps' has no comments, and I'm particularly proud of that. Guess that's life. Take care of yourself and your two buddies my friend. 3.30pm Adelaide time.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

Why? Why are you not the world's greatest poet and making tons of money and living in the lap of luxury Sir Tony?

Perhaps one day they will discover you like they did with Van Gogh when you are in the happy hunting grounds of POETIC VALHALLA, lol lol lol

In the meantime you are a writing machine - you 'get' as many words as Charlie Sheen gets girly action , lol lol lol.

Seriously though I ALWAYS learn from you because you pick my brain and that's a good thing - you make me think and feel and look beyond the realm of what is possible - you make me dream and you also provoke me - your words are my teacher.

Once again on FB I WILL POST madly and gladly ......

currently listening to some late night jazz - Jimmy Smith - Wes Montgomery - anybody???? lol lol and some west coast jazz too from the late 50's , amen with a few beers and some chicken strips in plum sauce and did I mention the dancing girls .......in the figment of my mind, lol

Big time hugs from the three of us to the two of you

lake erie time 1:47am

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