Old Aquaintance Best Forgot.

Old Acquaintance best forgot.

In a wrinkled sack
of bone ridged flesh,
his skull-like

visage cracks,
into an indentured smile
long and wearily flashed
then served to the

worshippers of the ball.

He carries the

weight of many souls

chained to his

seasonal collars,

all of those who

passed during his

very flawless reign,

Bent a bit from

the physical of waste
assembled on his flesh,
Father time steals
this years grief though
their images seem to match.

For what

seemed forever

he held eternal youth,
but it melted to his chins,
they hang in

wattles underneath
and quiver

when he speaks.

He'll make his

final bandstand,
as old Guy Lombardo did,
till his old tromp-bones
s l i d e graveward
and they find a

fresh faced host.

Hail to Dick Clark,

our endless MC

a marvel of

plastic surgery,
topped by his

well groomed toupee.



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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 7 years ago

lol... I'm really enjoying you work :)

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