On The Shelf Of Myself.

On the shelf of myself!



Ensconced within

our inner

dwelling places
we squat on the

shelf of ourselves.

Huddled like

dusty knick-knacks
afraid of falling

and breaking,
fragile with

glazed eyes
tightly closed

we remain
shut off from

the world.

But fortunately

some of the joy
and the music of life
often seeps through
the cracks

in our veneer
and moves us

to take broader steps
outside of ourselves.

To peek out the
keyholes of our eyes
in amazement at
what we are

missing while
wrapped up

in our cell

of regrets.


so we take

the time to
turn back the

locks against pain
to tiptoe bravely

into the vast
plains of possibilities
and wallow

in the world
only to come

away unstained.

nothing prevents

us from doing this,
for that door

to your inner self,
seldom locks, and is
always open for retreat
so go boldy into

the face of life,
laughing and dancing

at it's missteps,
and you will balance
always on the edge
of delight amidst

the madness.




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