On Worry

Do not worry

About what may be.

Why live in a state

Of anxiety?


Do not worry

About the trouble now.

This won’t change

The situation anyhow.


Do not worry

About what was past.

Why torture yourself

With yesterday last?


About worry,

A teacher once said

It adds not to life

So try living instead.


Life is more wondrous

Than we’ll ever know.

Just look at the sky

And its glories to show.


Consider earth

In its whirling escapade.

Yet for all its haste,

We can sit still in the shade.


So let go the worry

That through thought does run

Just think how instead

We’re on a course ‘round the sun.

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kennynext profile image

kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere

Very good poem. Worry is one of the biggest causes of stress, which leads to many physical problems. Thank you for sharing with us.

Madama profile image

Madama 6 years ago from Harrisburg PA

Interesting poem!

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Thanks, Kennynext. It's something I like to keep in mind and thought I'd post my thoughts on it.

Glad you enjoyed it, Madama!

Baileybear 6 years ago

Very true - worrying/anxiety makes things worse. The best way to fix anxiety is to take action or to distract yourself, which is the message I got out of your poem.

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

An awesom poem full of wisdom! Thank you!

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Baileybear -- agreed! Taking action or distracting myself is a good way to combat worry. I'm gld you got the message that you did. I was thinking of a poem of John Donne's when I wrote this and how even though the universe seems like it should be going crazy with all it's movement, he also saw it as peaceful.

PennyofHeaven -- I'm glad you liked it. I think it is a wise message and something I still need to practice from time to time! :)

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I'd do really well to read this every morning, as soon as I've had about two cups of coffee, and two smokes. . . . .that way I'd not worry about smoking; etc.

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 5 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Ha ha...smoking and then deciding not to worry about smoking. Hilarious! Yeah, I wrote this as a kind of reminder. Worry is useless, but I do it far too often. Maybe I just need candles or something?

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

My friend Major Rivera had some super wise saying that I can't seem to upload the file to(my brain is a computer, or maybe my computer is a brain?); but man, it really was wise, too bad I can't remember what the hell it was.

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