One Heart at a Time

I have just finished watching the movie “Zodiac”. It’s about a professional serial killer whose identity remained unknown for more than five years only because he was a proficient in ambiguous writing.

While the tourbillion of his killings, his vague letters and the detectives and police search for him was going on, a caricaturist’s curiosity arises. The killer becomes his obsession. He gathers up the entire killer’s symbolic writings, every single article written about him, and keeps clippings from daily newspapers. He even starts chasing detectives in hope of getting a glimpse of news or a word from him.

The caricaturist develops one and only need which is to reveal the killer’s identity; to meet those eyes.

He confines himself in the longing shell. He neglects his wife and kids. Until the moment comes..and he meets him.

He looks in the killer’s eyes like one who’s been exhausted from waiting but never weary, and who’s been defeated by the need but never desperate.

With contentment and satisfaction he nods his head; you are a phantom that chased me for so long and nothing eased me but your visage.

I was taken by that caricaturist look. Like a lover who has fought despair and longing, embraced himself with his love’s details, and created different scenarios for the moment they’d meet.

I thought to myself: this is how life keeps itself busy. One day it would burn tow lover’s hearts with yearning and desire, another day a mother’s heart for her unable son, another day a daughter’s heart for losing her father, and another day one’s heart with the need to meet a criminal who never touched him.

Just like this; we humans are amusement for life to have fun heart at a time!

Do movies usually gets you thinking about life?

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Rimansa 6 years ago

wow i certainy will watch this movie.. I like your realization :)

profile image

Rimansa 6 years ago

ok after seeing who's in the movie.. I am sooo watching it :D

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

I know rimansa, i mean Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downy Junior, mmmm....mmmmm

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific great hub read write thanks

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

Thx the voice. Thx for dropping by :)

Dinalicious profile image

Dinalicious 6 years ago

definitely watching the movie now, great hub :)

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

Let me know dinalecious how u like it

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