One Night (Or Of Something Like Love)

There's a reason the Greeks

personified the night

As the daughter of chaos

Mother of fate

If they knew you, they would have chosen differently

watching you glide along

The water's edge

Like sand is made of glass rather than the opposite

You make me forget the day's

Pains and Pangs

I just met you, but I know you, all elusive jasmine

The flower's sweet release unbound by

Your clamoring kisses

In the dazzled shadows of my room, you hover

A winged Nyx, wreathed in dusky mist

Erect to the stars

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Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick 4 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

Nice touch, Northwest Star, and good picture for balance and context. Ads at the end of some lines hide your interesting poetic format of five triads (that's why on Hubpages I put some prose before my poetry). Did you create this format, or follow a previously established exemplar? As for the content and the poetry itself, I'll think about it a few days and may comment later.

In any case, it's good to see you writing and publishing again, and a treasure to be able to follow your work. Best wishes.

northweststarr profile image

northweststarr 4 years ago from Washington State Author

I'll likely be able to do more and be here more often from here on out. (I'd like to be able to spare more time for some good article writing.) My apologies to all my disappointed followers for my lack of diligence. (I have been getting the e-mails wondering where I am.) I never intended to desert hubpages and will try to be more accessible from here on out.

Max: my sweet, most loyal fellow poet. Your critiques and advice mean more to me than you might realize. I will try from here on out to maintain the form of my poems by following your suggestion of prose before presentation. To answer your question, I didn't follow anyone else in the particular when creating my format for "One Night." I'm sure that someone else has done the same at some point but I like to try and create my own rhythms as (to me) format is almost as important as content. I've been focusing a bit more on the romantic lately. (Been feeling the lack in my own life.) This particular bit of verse describes an erotic encounter between two women and their brief connection. I've had thoughts since posting this one, that it's perhaps not specific enough. I'm currently revising it and will likely edit the content when I'm happy with the finished product. Thanks again for your wonderful comments. As always, it's been a pleasure.

Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick 3 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

Thank you for the kind words of remembrance. Revise as you like, of course, but be assured your poetry here has specificity enough for any discerning eye. Life always gives us plenty of time for doubt after we've lived our love and written the flow from head and heart. As for love itself, remember, like everyone else, you are worthy of all you can experience and enjoy.

northweststarr profile image

northweststarr 3 years ago from Washington State Author

kisses dear-ling!

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