One Pebble on the Beach

I guess in a sense I love you,
As weird as that may sound,
My feelings are about you,
I'm glad when you're around,

I know you might not know me,
I'm not sure I know you too,
But I'm willing to be beside you,
I'll even cry when you cry too.

But still I wish to hold you,
Even if you're answer's no,
A "Hopeless Romantic",
With nothing left to know,

You will be the penguin I give my pebble to,
The one i find will be just for you,
Lime green,
Just like your favorite color,
I hope you like it B,

But still I haven't found it,
I hope one day I do,
Because of our tomorrow,
I'll love you,
You'll be my boo...

[I gota say this this one hit home it]

(old poem 2008)


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