One day we were friends


From davorunner (aka me) on youtube edited by Kyle Ngyuen

"One Day We Were Friends"

One day we were friends,
but only for one day.
Our friendship ended so easily,
you didnt want to stay

Our friendship meant so much more to me,
than you would ever think,
but to you it must've meant nothing,
and it was over in a blink

We should've made this last for good,
we shouldve made this work,
but you didn't put in the extra effort -
you really made me hurt.

One day we were friends,
but only for one day.
I wish you had've kept in touch -
things would've been ok

One day we were friends,
"but thats not true" you say,
well a friendship should last forever ,
or it may as well be just a day.

By David Findlay

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